Aw Hey McGurk! Those were some funny Jokes. I liked those jokes.  You got some more jokes?

"Liam McGurk always looks like he just woke up from a nap, though his mind his always working. Hss sleepy delivery and unique point of view make him one of the most popular young comedians in Boston"   

                              -Rob Crean of Anderson Comedy

  I love working on this craft that means more than anything else to me. ) I am young and learning everyday with all my efforts toward growth, but I am ready to do the job i.e. be super funny. Please check out the calendar page to find out when I have shows or go to contact page where I keep all my info for bookings, as well as where I answer comments/questions/vitriolic hate phrases . Thanks for visiting!


​​I haven't heard Who are you McGurk? I would like to reiterate once again I very much liked and appreciated these jokes but what's your deal?


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